Barbe Rose SS16 : L’orangeraie

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Barbe Rose and I had only worked on a very small photoshoot for 2 lingerie set back in February, but we knew we would get along. For this first lookbook we were doing together, we wanted to establish an esthetic that would be recurring in the next collections.

She wanted her lingerie to stand out and be associated with something special. We decided to go with creative and evocative images that would mix the theme of the current selection, a contrasting background, some elements to add a setting, creative styling, simple elegant poses and a soft classical-painting-ish light. It was also important to have models with whom her customers would identify with. I also like to use models who aren’t the typical type, so I asked two lovely friends of mine who had experience in modeling.

As for the theme of the collection, we wanted something that would evoke summer without being too classic and something that would not fall into the typical “vintage” look that people expect from her. After a meeting, we decided to go with a mix of warm and bright pop with opulent rococo. Citrus, flowers, fresh drinks mixed with jewellery, royal poses and curly hair. Everything in warm tones over a vivid aqua for a perfect contrast.