Dolomedes Tenebrosus

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This editorial was published in Giuseppina Magazine‘s Halloween special #6 Araneae and was conceptualized to fit the publication.
Dolomedes Tenebrosus is the Latin name of the Dark Fishing Spider, a spider who sometimes lives by the water and hunt prey like small fishes.

When I think about spiders, I do not feel fear nor disgust, but fascination. I believe they are wonderful creatures. Still, they are associated with something dark or gloomy, which I love, and since the publication was meant to be “Halloween-ish”, I went that way too with the idea. But I wanted to portray something more raw, emotional and simple.

I found a wonderful spot by the riverside on the Island of Montreal that was perfect for the mood. I wanted an element that was “spidery” without being too obvious, so I contacted Maude Nibelungen to borrow her amazing wool pieces for a “web” effect. I chose a simple but dark and edgy look for make up and hair.

We shot from dawn to the beginning of the night in the cold, and I thank my model for being so amazing even at this temperature! The results were a bit experimental since I worked with high ISO without seeing much, but it was super interesting.


Models : Clara Cloutier
MUA : Audrey Lavigne
Hairstyling :  Mey
Clothing : Maude Nibelungen