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In winter 2015 there was a funny Kijiji (equivalent to Craigslist) add about an apartment full of plants. It was quirky and original and I really liked the look of the place. Taking my courage, I decided that I should contact the add writer to see if this place could be accessible for a photoshoot. To my surprise, it was! Turns out the add was part of an artistic project so the guy (I don’t remember his name) was very open to let me in his house for a photography project.

We did the photoshoot not so long after. We also tried to do some video, but it didn’t work that well. When I finished the retouching on my pictures, my partner was supposed to add graphic elements to make it quirkier. But after a lot of live adventures, it turned out that he didn’t have time to do it. Some back in fall 2016, I tried doing it on my own. It was very difficult because I don’t do a lot of graphic design anymore, but after a but of time I managed to come with results I was happy it. It’s nice to explore styles and themes we are not used too!

This editorial got published in Haute Punch and you can see it here.


Model : Lydia Wener
MUAH : Stephanie Guida